1. How do I pay for a WROGN purchase?

WROGN allows you to pay for your purchase through a number of payment methods -

  • Internet Banking - Make payments using a secure net banking portal.
  • Wallet - Use a virtual wallet to pay for your order.
  • Credit/Debit Cards - We also accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards.
  • Cash on delivery (COD)Pay with cash or any UPI at the time of delivery.
  • UPI - Make payments using any of your UPI accounts. 

If you cancel part of the order, shipping charges will not be refunded.

2. How does cash on delivery (COD) work?

We understand that you may not be comfortable sharing sensitive financial information on the internet. If, for any reason, you are unable to make an online payment or do not want to make an online payment, you can opt for the cash on delivery (COD) payment method instead. With COD you can pay for your purchase in cash when you receive the product. You will not be required to share your card details or any sort of financial information online.


  • The maximum order value for a COD payment is ₹50,000.
  • We accept only cash at the time of delivery. We would recommend keeping exact change ready for the delivery executive when you receive the order.
  • Gift Cards or store credit cannot be used for COD orders.
  • Foreign currency cannot be used to make a COD payment. Only Indian Rupees accepted.

3. How do I pay using a credit/debit card?

We provide a secure and encrypted payment gateway for you to safely enter your credit/debit card details and pay for your purchase at WROGN. In order to complete your purchase using credit/debit card, you will be asked to enter the following details -

  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date(optional for Maestro)
  • Gift Cards or store credit cannot be used for COD orders.
  • CVV/CVC(optional for Maestro)

Credit Cards

We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card). After entering these details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D Secure password.

Debit Cards

We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro debit cards. To pay using your debit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date (optional for Maestro cards), three-digit CVV number (optional for Maestro cards). You will then be redirected to your bank's secure page for entering your online password (issued by your bank) to complete the payment. Internationally issued credit/debit cards cannot be used for Wallet and eGV payments/top-ups

4. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on WROGN?

We guarantee that all online transactions on WROGN are securely conducted over secure transaction channels protected by some of the most advanced transaction security technology available to us. Most banks now use the 3D Secure password service for online transactions, providing an additional layer of security through identity verification.

WROGN makes use of 256-bit encryption technology to keep your card information away from prying eyes, while securely transmitting it to the respective banks to process payments. All transactions on WROGN are processed through payment gateways managed by leading banks.

5. Is there any risk of card fraud while making an online payment at WROGN?

We realise the importance of a strong fraud detection and resolution capability. Along with our payment partners, we relentlessly analyses and monitor all transactions for suspicious activity and flag potentially fraudulent transactions for manual verification as well. In the rarest of rare cases, when WROGN is unable to rule out the possibility of fraud categorically, the transaction is kept on hold, and the customer is requested to provide documents to prove their identity. This helps us ensure that the purchases were indeed made by a genuine cardholder. We apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause customers and request them to bear with us in the larger interest of ensuring a safe and secure environment for online transactions.

6. Can I make online payments at WROGN on a mobile device?

Yes. you can use any mobile device like a phone or an internet-enabled tablet to make purchases at WROGN. We have a secure, fully encrypted mobile site which allows you to make online transactions without any fear of card fraud. Using 256-bit encryption technology, we protect your card information while securely transmitting it to trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks.

7. Which payment gateway provider do you use?

We have Razorpay as our payment gateway partner enabling us to provide you a number of payment options, apart from cash on delivery.