PtCut Software

PtCut is a program to calculate the tropical prevariety or equilibrium of a system of polynomial equations. It is freely available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 3).

PtCut is written for Python 2.7 & 3.x. It requires PPLpy to run, but works also with SageMath, a free computer algebra system. Pre-compiled wheels of pplpy are provided, please see below.

More information on PtCut can be found on my slides for the first SYMBIONT meeting here.

Download PtCut here:

PPLpy wheels download

I am thankful to Jonas Weinz, for he provides pre-compiled wheels of PPLpy for 64-bit Linux for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6 & 3.7. Please pick the proper downloads for your Python version:

After download, you can install the files by the command “pip install *.whl”. If you have more than one Python installed, make sure you use the proper “pip” program and if you want to install for all users, prefix the command with “sudo”. You might need to add the location (likely /usr/local/lib) in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. More information can be found on Jonas’ page.


There is a Windows version for Anaconda3, again thanks to Jonas Weinz.

To install, download the packages and install them in the order gmpy2, libppl, pplpy with “conda install <FILENAME>”.

Citing PtCut

If you use PtCut and publish your work, please cite it like this:

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Author                   = {Christoph L{\"u}ders},
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