First version of Python PPLpy wheel available

Jonas Weinz has produced the first version of Python wheels of the pplpy library. Great work Jonas, thanks!

PPLpy, by Vincent Delecroix, is a Python wrapper for PPL, the Parma Polyhedral Library. It lets you create and intersect high-dimensional polyhedra. This is what I need for tropical geometry and especially for PtCut, my program to find tropical equilibria and prevarieties.

To use pplpy, you usually need to compile PPL and some other libraries from their C sources. This is long and cumbersome, so Jonas made the effort to write build scripts for that and provide Python wheels. A wheel is a pre-compiled library that you can just install without compiling anything.

On Jonas’ github page you can find three wheels that should work any x64 Linux and for Python 3.5 and 3.6. You need all three wheels (gmpy2, pplpy and pplpy_dependencies). And yes, you need exactly this gmpy2, even if you already have another version of gmpy2 installed. Furthermore, you need to install cython and cysignals as well.

To install, follow the instructions on Jonas’ page. Jonas didn’t mention this, but you might need to set their location (likely /usr/local/lib) in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I mirror Jonas files here as well: