BIGNUM Library

The BIGNUM Library for Multiple Precision Arithmetic
Copyright 2015 Christoph Lüders
Version 7.61, 2015-04-25

This archive contains the source files of BIGNUM, a library for multiple precision arithmetic. So far, the main purpose of this library is to implement fast multiplication. It was used for my diploma thesis [1] and for a subsequent paper for the ISSAC conference [2]. There is some updated information on the slides of my ISSAC talk [3].

The source code is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License, see COPYING.txt and COPYING.LESSER.txt.

BIGNUM features fast implementations of:

some logical bit-operations,
grade-school multiplication,
Karatsuba multiplication,
Toom-Cook 3-way multiplication,
Modular FFT-based multiplication,
Schönhage-Strassen multiplication,
DKSS multiplication.

Right now, the full source code of the arithmetic functions is included, but it does not compile, since some header files are still missing. I am working on that.

Also included is a compiled x64 version of my Lucas-Lehmer Mersenne prime tester in lltest\lltest.exe. It has a lot of overly cryptic options for benchmarking. I used it to make the speed tests for [1], [2] and [3]. Have a look at lltest\main.cpp to find out more.

The code is written for Visual Studio 2012 and is much faster in x64 mode (factor of 4?), but will run in 32-bit mode as well. Detailed technical information can be found in [1, Appendix A] and [2, sec. 3.2].

I can be contacted via email as: chris at cfos dot de
Furthermore, I have a blog:
The latest version of BIGNUM is available under:

Click here to download BIGNUM v7.61.

If you use BIGNUM, please cite it like this:

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Author                   = {Christoph L{\"u}ders},
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[1] (local copy with slightly better typesetting available here)
[2] (local copy available here)
[3] (local copy available here)

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