Slides and Links to my ISSAC ’15 Talk

I held my talk at ISSAC 2015 in Bath, UK on Wednesday July, 8th about “Implementation of the DKSS Algorithm for Multiplication of Large Numbers”. My paper is now available from the ACM digital library (or here locally) and the slides are available on the ISSAC website (or here locally).

To the ISSAC organizers and everyone present: the conference was awesome, thank you very much! I had a great time.

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  Abstract                 = {The Sch{\"o}nhage-Strassen algorithm (SSA) is the de-facto standard for multiplication of large integers. For N-bit numbers it has a time bound of $O(N \log N \log \log N)$. De, Kurur, Saha and Saptharishi (DKSS) presented an asymptotically faster algorithm with a better time bound of $N \log N 2^{O(\log^* N)}$. For this paper, a simplified DKSS multiplication was implemented. Assuming a sensible upper limit on the input size, some required constants could be precomputed. This allowed to simplify the algorithm to save some complexity and run-time. Still, run-time is about 30 times larger than SSA, while memory requirements are about 2.3 times higher than SSA. A possible crossover point is estimated to be out of reach even if we utilized the whole universe for computer memory.},
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